Mike Hardinge

Mike Hardinge is a very experienced teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Instead of becoming a Classics master when he left university, he trained to teach English to foreign students, then obtained further professional qualifications: the DipTEO (Diploma in Teaching English Overseas) and PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education).

He has worked with students from many countries, having taught in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Greece and, for a number of years now, in Spain, where he has been a teacher trainer and continues to think up new ways to make learning easier and more fun for his students.

Get Ahead With Phrasal Verbs was originally a book that was published by Prentice Hall and then by Pearson Education (Longman ELT). Mike has now created the interactive version and made it available on CD. He has animated all the pictures, expanded the exercises and recorded all the Gap Fill and Recap exercises in spoken (audio) form, created a new index of particles in addition to the index of verbs, added notes on stress, with audio, and interlinked all the different parts to make it easy to use.

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