Picture Compass

  Get Ahead With Phrasal Verbs - the CD

  by Mike Hardinge

Get Ahead With Phrasal Verbs offers students at Intermediate level (B1) and above a unique “picture compass” system where particles are assigned to specific points around a compass as an aid to memory.

In this interactive CD, each animated phrasal verb picture not only illustrates the phrasal verb but also provides a clue to its particle that helps make it more memorable.

This amusing and effective system helps you to find your way in this challenging area and recognise, understand and remember nearly four hundred phrasal verbs.

Each verb is followed by a visual test and an exercise. Further exercises after each set of new verbs provide another chance for consolidation. All the exercises can be done in an easy way, where you push the button to get the answer, or a more interactive way, where you write the answers and then check them. The audio version of the exercises was recorded by a native speaker of English.

There are Instructions for each section and Notes which offer detailed information about the meaning and use of all the phrasal verbs on the CD. The Index of verbs is now accompanied by an Index of Particles. In addition, there is an explanation of the Dot System which is used to clarify the grammar of the phrasal verbs, as well as an explanation of Stress.

Get Ahead With Phrasal Verbs takes you on a step-by-step tour of phrasal, prepositional and phrasal-prepositional verbs, adding to your knowledge and building your confidence.

The CD is entirely in English. © Mike Hardinge 2007.
System requirements: Windows 95 or above and CD-ROM drive.
For users who do not have PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer is installed automatically at a click.

*You can download the VLC media player, which is free and cross-platform, from the developer, VideoLAN.

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