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LATEST If you're ready, have a look at CPE Work: CPE Prepositional Phrases 1, CPE Idiomatic Expressions, CPE Phrasal Verbs, CPE Collocations 4 and CPE Multiple Choice 1.
Now available throughout the webpage: most Matching exercises have smartphone friendly "DROPDOWN MENU" version.

INDEX of EXTRA CAE/C1 MATERIAL Index of Idioms and Twosomes and former Golden Oldies

EXTRA CAE/C1 MATERIAL This used to be Golden Oldies plus Idioms and Twosomes

Exercises for CAE or C1 - Introduction and Menus

Here are some more free interactive Hot Potatoes exercises to help you develop your knowledge base towards CAE (C1). More will be added from time to time.

Practice for Paper 1, Part 3, Use of English – Word formation (to practise finding the correct word from the stems of the missing words).

Here are some examples of word formation exercises in single sentence form:      

Practice for Paper 1, Part 4, Use of English – Key Word Transformations (one of the "difficult" exercises).
Now many exercises are now available in Smartphone friendly "DROPDOWN MENU" version.

In the first four sets of exercises you see the
four transformation types mentioned on the
excellent flo-joe webpage.
– comparative structures / adverbs    
– expressions / lexical patterns
– phrasal verbs
– formal structures,
   including conditionals

These exercises deal with other aspects of interest: – CAE collocations                 
    and TESTS
– cause and effect
– language of chance
– concessives extra
– cleft sentences



Vocabulary Building
'Ways of ... ' exercises
and Personality work                                      

Twosomes or Binominals
plus Collective Nouns
and other interesting words                             

More Collocation Work
less formal and more formal:
see Register Practice below                             

Phrasal, Prepositional, etc Verbs
includes first exercise for fun and
common expressions with 'to be'                     

Nouns formed from Phrasal Verbs
Increase your knowledge bit by
bit of these compound nouns:                         

Expressions ,
Mind/Brain, Stress, Ageing                              
and Colloquial Expressions

Not likely to appear in the                               
CAE, but if you like them ...

More Transformation Help
Reporting Verbs, Gerund
and Infinitive and ING:                                   

More practice with
top-of-the-range grammar;
Special uses of 'will' & 'would':                        

Register Practice
in Cause and Effect,
Passives and Relatives                                    

Linking with Context
and other linker work                                     

Open Cloze Work 
those missing words:                                     
grammatical or lexical?

CPE Work 
a start on CPE: