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Exercises for FCE or B2

Here are some free interactive Hot Potatoes exercises to help you build a useful knowledge base for FCE (B2).

LATEST! Click here to see latest 'Golden Oldie Exercises'. Here are Compound Adjectives, As or Like, Phrasal, Prepositional or what? FCE Alice & Co, FCE Ahead and the latest and last practice on prepositions. Plus False Friends and Exaggerating. Plus gerund and infinitive, comparatives, concessives, conditionals, linking words, phrasal verbs, modals, passives and prepositions, reporting verbs, tag questions, inversion recognition and any.

Click here to see these 'allsorts' exercises for students who are happy with all the transformation types.

Practice for Part 3, Paper 3
Use of English – Word Formation

How to do it: Don't do them all at once! Note down each 'base' word,
list the forms and write examples.

Practice for Part 4, Paper 3,
Use of English – Keyword transformations
First, study the eight possible transformation types.

How to do it: Do them one after another! First join the sentence halves, then look at the summary.

Here, the different types are dealt with one by one. Go through the types, doing the transformation exercises.

As you can see, three extra types or areas have been added.

– funny tenses
– collocations
– gerund & infinitive
– passives
– indirect speech
– modals
– conditionals
– past as subjunctive
– phrasal verbs
– too, enough, so, such, comparatives, etc.
– preferences and wishes
– although, in spite of, etc and because, because of, etc.

FCE Allsorts
key word transformation            
exercises of all kinds:

'Golden Oldie Exercises'
Gerund and Infinitive
reporting verbs
and Alice & Co:                     




Linking words in
a discursive essay:                   

Phrasal Verbs,
Prepositional Verbs
or what?


Funny Passives: Indirect,
Reporting Verbs & Various:        

The FINAL preposition          

LATEST! Compound
As or Like, Tag questions,          
Inversion Recognition,
Any, Exaggerating,
Ahead and False Friends: